Pressure gauge /pressure sensors 

Pressure gauges are sometimes referred to as manometers or pressure sensors. They are measuring devices used, for example, to record the supply pressure of ventilation systems or to record and display the physical pressure of gases.

Outside air pressure is often used as the reference pressure. There are also special designs for measuring absolute pressure in tanks, where the vacuum is used as the reference.

Our instruments can be used to measure differential, positive and negative pressure, depending on the connection.

High durability for all applications

The ringbalance does not have a measuring spring but is calibrated by weights.

The weight does not age and cannot overstretch like a spring. As a result, the ring scale will always return to zero, even if it has been at full scale for weeks.

The advantages of pressure sensors from Rixen Messtechnik

Our pressure gauges have mechanically robust movements and are insensitive to aggressive gases.

The ringbalance is permanently filled with sealing liquid.

The liquid volume and the mass of the ring body together result in a continuous damped adjustment behaviour of the measuring instruments with the ringbalance as measuring mechanism.

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