• Rixotact_4: Ringbalance with digital display for pressure, vacuum and differential pressure with integrated Threepoint-Step-Controller and additional transmitter output 0-10V.

  • Type MU Digital: Differential Pressure Measurement with LCD Display

    The Type MU Digital pressure measuring device offers a robust solution for precise pressure measurements in industrial applications. The clear and direct LCD display allows for easy reading of the measurement values.

    Main Features

    • LCD Display: 3 1/2-digit, with a character height of 12.5 mm, clearly and distinctly displays the currently measured values.
    • Ring Balance Mechanism: The robust construction, supported by a double ball-bearing system, guarantees reliability and longevity.
    • Measurement Ranges: Flexibly usable with measurement ranges from 0...40 Pa (+/-20 Pa) to 0...1.8 kPa, including individually selectable intermediate values.
    • Display Units: Various display units are available, including Pa, kPa, daPa, mbar, mmWS, mmCE, and in.W.C.
    • Accuracy: With a maximum deviation of +/-1.5% of the end value or +/-1.5 Pa.
    • Electrical Outputs: The device offers a range of output options, including 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, and 0-10 V, to facilitate seamless integration into your existing system.

digital display

Gauges with digital display.

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