Differential Pressure Sensor – DDS10

The differential pressure sensor DDS10 is a multifunctional electronic pressure sensor. It is designed for monitoring and measuring over-pressure, under-pressure and differential pressure. With transmitter outputs in the range of 0-10V, 4-20 mA and a variably adjustable measuring range, you remain extremely flexible in practical use. The compact design makes the DDS10 easy to mount anywhere.

With an auxiliary power of 24V DC, our differential pressure sensor can be easily integrated into existing control technology.


The versatile fields of application of the differential pressure sensor DDS10

– Air conditioning and ventilation technology

– Clean room and laboratory monitoring

– Filter monitoring

– and everywhere where precise pressure measurement is required.


Differential Pressure Sensor DDS10 for  air and non-aggressive gases

Media air and non-aggressive gases
Measuring range +-10.000 Pa
Switchable to flow measurement
Outputs 0-10V, 4-20mA
Accuracy max. error +-1,5%
Max. pressure 140kPa
Power supply 24V DC
Housing dimensions 84x82x55mm

Areas of application: cleanroom and laboratory monitoring, ventilation and air conditioning technology, filter monitoring, etc.

Additional information

Housing IP protection class



24V DC

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