Intrinsically Safe Signal Lamp DKL01

3-colour signal lamp for use in EX I and EX II areas. (colours can be combined as required)




3 – colored intrinsically safe signal lamp for the EX area. (colors can be combined at will)

Approval number: CE1461 OBAC 18 ATEX 0335X


Group I (Mining): I M1 Ex ia MA

UN = 12V, UI = 16V

Group II (all): II 1 GD Ex IIIC ia Ga Da T4

UN = 24V, UI = 30V

Colour combinations – e.g.: red/yellow/green or red/white/green or orange/green/white.

The DKL01 is also available in one color.

The DKL01 is fastened with thread M28×1.5 or alternatively an additional clamp fastening is possible.


DKL01_EX_COLOUR_(S) : : EX = I for Group I (Mining), EX=II for Group II
: COLOR (multicoloured) = red/green/yellow, white/or/green, etc.
: COLOR (monochrome) = red, green, white, yellow, blue
: S = additionally with screw-in for clamp mounting underneath the luminaire


Supply voltage UN = 12V (EX I) = 24V (EX II)

current consumption:

red IN ≤ 20mA
yellow IN ≤ 45mA
green IN ≤ 45mA
orange IN ≤ 45mA
white IN ≤ 45mA
blue IN ≤ 50mA
Umax (temporary) = 16V (EX I)
= 30V (EX II)

Housing IP67

D = 37 mm

H = 75 mm

Tamb -20 °C < T < 70 °C

Cable length 2 m, other lengths on request

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