Differential Pressure Gauge – Rixotact_4

Rixotact_4: Ringbalance with digital display for pressure, vacuum and differential pressure with integrated Threepoint-Step-Controller and additional transmitter output 0-10V.


Rixotact_4: Ringbalance measuring draft, pressure and differential pressure
+ integrated Threepoint-Step-Controller
+ integrated Transmitter

Measuring System

– Actual Value “X” LCD, 3 1/2 digit, 12.5 mm high
– Measuring Ranges freely selectable from 0…40 Pa (+/-20 Pa) to 0…1.8 kPa
– Units Pa, kPa, daPa, mbar, mmWS, mmCE, in.W.C.
– Accuracy max. error +/-1.5% of span, or +/-1.5 Pa
– Ambient temper. 0 . . . +50 °C (32 – 122 °F)
– Housing wall mounting IP65


-Control Mode Threepoint-Step-Controller PID
-Measuring Pickup “Hall”- sensor
-Control Output potential-free contacts, rated at 250V/2A
-X > W = terminals 7-5 switched
-X < W = terminals 7-6 switched
-Setpoints “W” two setpoints (W1/W2), adjustable from 20% to
-80% of full scale reading; switched-over by an
-external contact
-Control Settings P-(proportional band), D-(differential action), NZ-(Neutral Zone), F-(pulse frequency)


– Output signal 0-10V, proportional to the measured (actual)
– value “X”; min. load: 2k ohms; terminals 1-2.
– Power Supply 230V AC (110/120/240 VAC); terminals 8-9.
– CE Electromagnetic Compatibility according to
– EN50081-2 (Emmission) + EN50082-2 (Immunity)

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